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GORILLA MONSOON, founded in 2001 with the aim to bring authentic, strong, intensive and timeless music to the world. The band themselves say ?HELLROCK? to their music. Especially live the band celebrate their music enormously. Shows all over Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Czech Republik) stand for it. After winning the international Metal Battle Contest initiated by the Wacken-Open-Air-team, Wacken Records (former Armageddon Music) signed the band. There GORILLA MONSOON released two Albums till now: DAMAGE KING (2006) and EXTERMINATION HAMMER (2008).

Discographie: deflowered world (Demo 2001) ...demonstrating heavieness (Demo 2003) A lesson in darkness (Split 10?, grimmgrinner 2005) Damage King (Armageddon Music 2006) Extermination Hammer (Wacken Records 2008)